The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Campinas was awardedfive stars in 2018 Student Guide for the fourth consecutive year since the Faculty was established in 2014.

At the heart of this success is our groundbreaking research and innovation, which is enabled by the work of scholars such as

João Ernesto de Carvalho (ResearcherID B-9845-2012);

Jörg Kobarg (ResearcherID:H-4505-2012);

Mary Ann Foglio (ResearcherID:B-9149-2012);

Rodrigo Ramos Catharino (ResearcherID:G-1487-2013);

Priscila Gava Mazolla (ResearcherID:B-7582-2012);

Alexandra Christine Helena Frankland Sawaya (ResearcherID:F-3999-2012);

Patricia Moriel (ResearcherID:B-8963-2012);

Ana Lúcia Tasca Gois Ruiz (ResearcherID:C-2249-2012);

Wanda Pereira Almeida (ResearcherID:K-2009-2012);

Marcelo Lancellotti (ResearcherID:E-4875-2011);

Daniel Fábio Kawano (ResearcherID:N-1972-2018);

Gislaine Ricci Leonardi (ResearcherID:D-6752-2013);

Karina Cogo Müller (ResearcherID:H-2365-2012);

Catarina Rapôso Dias Carneiro;

Laura de Oliveira Nascimento (ResearcherID:I-4859-2012),

José Luiz da Costa (ResearcherID:C-1741-2012);

Paulo César Pires Rosa (ResearcherID:C-6390-2015);

Tais Freire Galvão (ResearcherID:E-4317-2010).


The Faculty’s research capabilities allow for collaborative work with businesses and other organizations for the benefit of all those involved and also for society as a whole.