Master’s Degree and Doctorate

Approved by CAPES in 2017, the Postgraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences is focused on graduating and qualifying students for  teaching work and multidisciplinary research. The program aims to expand the scientific knowledge of the undergraduate professional, preparing for the development of scientific projects, stimulating critical thinking and promoting teaching practice.

The Program offers multiple focuses within the larger area of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Natural, biotechnological and synthetic pharmaceutical ingredients, with research lines in Drug, Medicine, Food and Cosmetic Product Development. It employs 35 professors from UNICAMP, who possess expressive scientific production and extensive didactic experience, balancing youth and maturity, and very much aware of the research trends within the Pharmaceutical Sciences area in their most modern technological and clinical applications.

Another interesting aspect of the Program relates to the regional relevance of the proposal, which aims to meet the qualification and formation demands related to the Brazilian southeast region and the Metropolitan Region of Campinas, an important technology hub that concentrates a great part of the country’s most important pharmaceutical, food, biotechnological, vaccines, cosmetics, veterinarian and similar industries, as well as important distributors, hospitals and research institutes, requiring special education and directed to these necessities.